How it works



Have you thought about renting out your property? Good choice! But you do not have the knowledge or the time required to get started?


When landlords want to rent out their vacation homes, they search on the internet to find sites to advertise their properties on. While it is difficult to know the outcome of advertising. What will be the result?


This results in low revenue and time-consuming work for the landlord. This is because


- Landlords feel locked in sites that have too many restrictions in the communication between the landlord and guest.

- Few number of visitors on the advertising site for successful sales of nights.

- Or manage the entire leasing process while providing poor revenue for the landlord.


Tripquick offers a service that brings together landlords and guests in a quick manner. This is by providing you both the knowledge of the rental business and how you market your property on the Internet.


We have created a system that step by step moves you through what is needed for the entire rental business. Both online and offline. We also use this system for our own vacation rentals. This means that it continuously developed and tested. We will continue to speed up the contact between you and your guest over time. The three steps are Create, Setup and Connect.


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