About us

The idea of tripquick came to me, when I realized that there´s a lot of advertising websites for vacation rentals. It bugged me that no-one cared about focusing on delivering a result for the customer. Tripquick cares about you by focusing on a quick contact with your new guests. By combining IT and running a vacation rental business ourself we become a strong partner on your trip. And yes..we do advertising but use a search engine instead where we register your website. 

So what do I do when I am not working with vacation rentals? I love to do kitesurfing. I also think nature is amazing and you will find lots of photos on the tripquick-website from my walks in the forest at Glinghester farm where I live. Also exploring new places (I have lived in different parts of the world like Australia and South Arfica). I make my living from my vacation rental business (nabbalund.com), Glinghester farm and the IT-industry. I have worked in the IT-industry for more than 20 years and many years with IT related to communication & selling. 

I currently run several small businesses but not only by myself.

If you need to have your own website—no matter what your need, do get in touch with me using the contact form. Don’t worry, your information is confidential and never shared with anyone else.
 I don’t like getting spammed either!

I forgot to mention my dog Viola!